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Whether you are a full time housewife or not or somebody who just stays at home most of the time, then I am sure you have loads of household tasks to finish before the day ends. There is the laundry, the cooking and the most difficult and time consuming time- the cleaning. Among the many places that need thorough cleaning are your windows. It is very hard to wash away dirt and accumulated especially on areas that are mostly taken for granted. Sometimes no matter how much we clean them, we end up repeating what we have done because we are not satisfied that is why it is important to have the right window washing equipments to help us do the work fast and easy. 


There are really communities wherein water supply is a big problem so when this happens everything that we do becomes limited. As you have noticed, if we leave our window uncleaned for a long period of time, a cloudy film forms on the glass. This happens when minerals from rain accumulate in the surface of the glass. So what we do is we take out a smooth pad and white vinegar and scrub the minerals away. Of course, when you are thinking of doing this you have to wear latex gloves for protection. 


However, if it becomes very difficult and no matter how much you scrub the windows with vinegar, still the cloudy film remains then it is time that you consider other solutions. For instance, a number of people claimed that a razor blade is effective to get rid of stains. Remember though that you are at risk of injuring yourself when using this method. Moreover, chemicals such as CLR or Lime away are also great for removing stains. Another famous formula s the Bring it ON Cleaner which became available to the world since 2007. Other important window washing equipments that you should have are  buckets, cleaning solutions, cloths, gloves and protective wear, ladders, poles, rubbers, scrapers, scrubbers and squeegees. 


It really does not matter whether you go for home solutions or commercial remedy to get rid of the cloudy film and spots on your windows put the solution to a cloth, sponge or smooth pad and rub the areas using a circular motion until all the minerals disappear. After which, you can rinse the area being cleaned and apply a sealant to the glass to avoid deposits to accumulate. Also do not forget to clean and keep your other window washing materials in a safe place. 




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